Computer screen and book display in a gallery space of A-PROCESS.
Day job: design for the masses. A-PROCESS: design for one-person.
Behavioral scientist: 2 years. Design researcher: 6 weeks. A-PROCESS: 3 minutes.
Picture of two strangers who participated in SERIES 23 by A-PROCESS.Process diagram from A-PROCESS.
Two phone screens showing hero UI and features of Spaces.
Storyboard showing Sammie and Max asynchronously sharing memories via Spaces app.
4 screens showing visual iterations of Spaces.
3 cards showing design changes that resulted from usability testing for Spaces.
Two people looking at three AR effect options in a field.
Outward motion of two hands with a moon illustration in between.
Hand pinching a moon graphic in the sky.
Hand holding a AR dial to adjust effects.
Two people in a field surrounded by AR effects and a camping illustration.

Make ideas* as
potent as possible.

Ryan Stephen (Seattle / USA) is a designer and artist with a strong focus on interaction design, design systems, and art direction. Currently at Microsoft, previously Forsight.
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